I Don't Want A Divorce, But My Partner Does.

When you don't want a divorce, but your partner does; follow these 3 tips to prevent it.

There is a blueprint for getting your ex back, stopping a break up, and saving your marriage that is laid out in a complete system called the "Magic Of Making Up"  For this discussion we'll talk about how to prevent a divorce when you don't want a divorce, and your partner does.

You may not want a divorce, but your partner is bringing it up, or even pushing to get one.  So how do you prevent it?  Maybe there's trouble in paradise and things haven't been going so well in your marriage.  You definitely don't want divorce proceedings to begin, and still wish very much to be in your marriage.  But if you don't want a divorce, and your partner does... what can you actually do?

I have 3 tips for you to follow that will prevent you from losing your marriage partner If you don’t want divorce, and you wish to stop it from happening.

What To Do If You Don't Want A Divorce

There are specific situations that a marriage is beyond repair, and it can be next to impossible to fix it.  But in most cases, there is underlying problems that can be fixed which have been more then likely going on for a long time.  Almost every relationship that suffers from a break up or separation, is due to problems that have existed for long periods of time until one of the parties involved decided to call it quits.  If you don't want a divorce, then you'll have to follow these 3 tips to ensure that you are capable of reversing one, or even preventing it from happening.

The first tip when you don't want divorce, is to go simple stay calm, and remain cool.  This tip involves not saying much of anything at all, and a bit of the classic no contact rule.  When your partner is through with you, and you're the one that is pleading with them, "I don't want a divorce,"  they will be pushing you farther away and not wanting to hear it from you.  At this point, whether or not that you don’t want a divorce is not relevant.  Your partner isn't going to listen to your pleads or promises to change.  This is the moment that you have to stop complaining or pleading, complaining or arguing, and for the most part... remain quiet

Arguing and begging is the worst possible thing you can do when you don't want a divorce.  This will only make it happen quicker.  What you DO want to do, is to let your partner know matter of factly, and very calmly... "I don't want a divorce."  You can even say that you're going to do whatever it takes to change, but don't over do it.  Make sure that when you say this, it is only for the one time and then remain calm, and quiet afterwards.   You can only let your partner know that you don’t want a divorce, and that's all that you can do at this point.

Stop Pleading "I Don't Want A Divorce" - Start Being Attractive

When you continue to beg and plead or even argue your points about it, you will only push them away.  Telling your partner how much you don't want a divorce will only reinforce their decisions to go through with one.  It annoys and irritates your partner when you continue to go on and on about it.  The whole purpose behind this tip is to simply make yourself attractive in your partners eyes again. 

Understandably, this isn't an attractive time or situation as you are discussing how much you don't want divorce proceedings to be happening, but keep in mind that carrying on about how much you don't want it to happen will only make you look less attractive then your partner already sees you as.  Our human nature does not find people that complain or whine about the inconsequential things to be desired or attractive.  It's this "nagging" tendency that may even have something to do with the reasons the marriage is on the rocks in the first place.   If you don't want a divorce, then you have to begin by making yourself more attractive to win back the love from your partner you once held.

"I don't Want A Divorce"

The next tip is to start going back to your best "dating behavior" mentality.  Remember how you used to act and the things you used to say when you first met your partner and were trying to win them over.  More often then not, this is a switch that stops the actions and reactions that we are doing which make our spouse see us as undesirable, and starts to be attracted again.

When we begin to take our significant other for granted, they will start feeling unappreciated.  This unappreciated feeling tends to creep up in their life as a suggestion that they are not happy with you or the marriage.  That's when even in spite of the fact that you don't want divorce; your partner will not be convinced otherwise that this is for their best interest.  If you are starting to feel as if there isn't anything you can say or do that is right, this may be a indication that someone is not feeling appreciated.  If you don't want a divorce, then start agreeing with your partner even though you may not wish to.

This is a tip that can sound pretty scary and might even be extreme.  But if you don't want a divorce, sometimes the best thing to do is go along with one and show your partner that you respect their wishes.  You can save your marriage by having a smile on your face and remaining calm.  Then you simply agree with your partner and go along with the idea for now.  Make it seem as if you were having the same idea as well, but don't over do it.

At this point you want to use a system that is proven to stop a divorce and follow a blueprint for getting your partner back to wanting to stay married to you instead of wanting to leave you. 

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